Dental Tourism in Niš, Serbia

The cost of dental care can often be very high and many give up dental services for economic reasons. Dental tourism has become a perfect solution for treating your teeth quickly and avoiding significant costs. Would you like to have beautiful and healthy teeth at a reasonable price? That is a good reason to come to Niš. Quality dental treatment is no longer a luxury thanks to the competitive prices but also the quality and efficiency of our dentists.

Our clinic

In our dental clinic, in a welcoming and functional environment, we deal with all sorts of issues related to dental treatments – from general dentistry to orthodontics and restorative procedures – everything it takes to make our patients smile again. Our clinic is new and modern, the equipment used in our clinic are products of the last generation by the most famous European brands. Our dentists and staff participate in orthodontic dental training courses to update on the latest techniques.


Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our patients and to provide a unique and personalized experience within our dental studio. Our services include:

  • Hygiene and prevention
  • General dentistry
  • Dental prostheses and fixed dentures
  • Immediate-load dental implants
  • Computer assisted restoration using CAD/CAM technology
  • Periodontal Laser Therapy


For our patients we can arrange accommodation at the Regent Club hotel, located in the city center. Despite being located right on the main shopping street, the hotel is perfect for rest and recovery. The rooms are calm and welcoming, equipped with the best amenities and services to ensure a truly enjoyable stay. After the treatment, we can also arrange transportation from the clinic to the hotel.

Why choose us?

Our dental studio offers high quality dental services at affordable prices.
Our dentists, like our colleagues in Europe, always follow the latest trends and are involved in the process of developing modern dentistry.
We use only high quality materials and advanced equipment and technology.
The quality of the services offered by our clinic can be measured by the number of satisfied customers who for years have had no complaints about the material used and the quality of the work.

Our primary goal is to make you smile!

Niš is a beautiful city with great history and friendly and welcoming people. The city has an international airport, and is also close to two major airports: Belgrade and Sofia.
For more information you can contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.